20 Point Furnace Tune Up Includes:

  1. Clean, inspect wheel, housing and blower motor.
  2. Lubricate blower motor, check and replace belt if necessary.
  3. Inspect, clean and remove any obstructions in combustion blower.
  4. Check for leaks in gas furnaces.
  5. Inspect and drain (if necessary) condensate lines and pan.
  6. Examine evaporator coil.
  7. Inspect and clean (if necessary) burner.
  8. Verify ignition and safety controls, make any necessary adjustments.
  9. Thoroughly inspect heat elements and heat exchanger.
  10. Look for corrosion in flue system.
  11. Examine electrical systems (control box, connections and wiring).
  12. Check and replace air filters.
  13. Inspect ductwork, repair any leaks.
  14. Ensure error-free system start up.
  15. Listen for sounds that could mean furnace is not working properly.
  16. Inspect for unusual odors, find source and fix problem.
  17. Examine heat pumps and air conditioning while system is operating.
  18. Take measurements of pressure in outdoor and indoor bulbs.
  19. Check pressure in entire furnace system.
  20. Examine vent system while furnace is running.