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Dryer Vents – Why You Should Keep Them Clean

dryer vent on fire

The Forgotten Chore

Do you have a dryer in your home? If so, you likely think nothing of performing routine maintenance on it. You might try to stay up to date on furnace cleaning, gutter cleaning, and you probably always clean out the lint filter in between loads of laundry, but when was the last time you had your dryer vents cleaned? Depending on how often you use your dryer, it is recommended to clean the vent at least once a year to prevent excess build up of lint.

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The Importance of Indoor Air Quality


Did you know? Outdoor Air Is 2 to 5 Times Cleaner Than The Air In Our Homes, Schools and Offices

Contrary to popular belief, many of our allergies and respiratory sensitivities are caused by the air that we breathe indoors, rather than outdoors. This is partly because of the materials, products and activities that are used inside every day, and partly because of the lack of proper ventilation. Many people are surprised to know that the air indoors is 2 to 5 times more polluted than the outdoors. This number can even jump to 100 times if the environment is contaminated by mold, asbestos or other hazardous substances.

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